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Air Conditioning 

Approximately 10% of refrigerant gas is lost from a cars system each year. To ensure your vehicles air conditioning is effective we recommend a regular inspection and regas service to maintain cool fresh air in the summer months and warm dry air to demist windows in the winter months.

Air Con Diagnostic Inspection FREE

Prior to carrying out the Air Con Service (including an air con regas), we will check the system for any faults or leaks. The Diagnostic Inspection includes: 

  • A temperature check

  • A refrigerant check

  • A thorough inspection of the system's key components, including the compressor condenser, drive belts and hoses

  • A pressure leak test (using nitrogen)

Air Con Service including regas R134a* £69

R1234yf** £130

  • Refrigerant recharge

  • Replacement of lubricating oil


Optional Anti Bacterial
Clean £20

Air con clean -  to completely cleanse the system and circulate fresh air plus eliminating bad odours. This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from hay fever or asthma.

*R134a gas is used in most vehicles manufactured before 1st Jan 2017.  

**R1234yf a newer gas introduced in cars manufactured from Jan 2017.

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